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IRISOS, Swiss know-how for a winning investment approach


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Find a subscription to suit your specific needs and goals: single stock portfolio, pre-defined portfolio strategies, or fully tailor-made asset management opportunities.

Hephaos: Optimize your portfolio with our primary subscription option


Select up to 600 stocks for monitoring. 12 reporting tools provide elementary equity analysis and timely buy/sell signals. Follow your investments.


Hebeos: Our fully-fledged investment management solution tailored for you


Tailored guidance throughout the entire investment process. Create 6 portfolios containing up to 150 shares from 28 different investment themes.


Ilitheos: Your tailor-made and fully automated investment solution


Demand the best! A subscription totally tailored to your requirements! Can be fully-automated right up to the settlement of your orders.

Aros: Our newly calibrated investment themes.

Trial IRISOS for 3 months - you'll be convinced.


Irisos and the stockmarket

Latest blog entries

07/12/2016 by Christophe Schmid|Comment 0
within category Europe,Economic cycle
Change doesn’t happen simply because we want it; it happens when we actually need it!

Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the world has moved forward fully synchronized, based on macro-economic targets. At least, that is what we thought until recently. We seemed to be able to surmoun…
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Tuesday, February 03, 2015
Inflation? Way-out ......
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Congratulations on the launch of IRISOS !

Dear Christophe,

I saw the newspaper article and discovered the web-site. 
I will be happy to use the application once it is up and running in full.

Well done and good luck.



Discounted Cash-Flow: see also Cash-Flow. French equivalent: Actualisation des flux de recettes. German equivalent: Diskontierten des Cashflows.
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