Welcome to a new era of sharing and equality

Before IRISOS: financial advisors were revered and relied on as the experts in their domains. Only they were capable of judging and picking investments for our consideration. It was assumed clients had limited technical knowledge. The power of information and decision making was primarily in the hands of the financial advisor.

But didn’t you ever wonder: Who knows and considers your investment needs and interests more - you or your financial advisor?

… While the answer seems obvious – You - it is only now that you can really do something about it.

IRISOS’ easy to use, powerful insight and analysis solution supports you in decision making and investing, so now you can work more efficiently and productively with your financial advisor.

Now information circulates transparently and simultaneously to everyone and decision making power and responsibility are more equally shared. A well-informed client can make decisions and seize opportunities faster and is therefore more efficient. For others, IRISOS will support more productive discussions with financial advisors about investment goals and needs.

The philosophy of IRISOS is intertwined with the evolution and opening up of finance generally: where decision making power is being redistributed between the parties. A new era has arrived where the principle “we think for you” is now replaced by “we think with you” .

The new financial advisor and client relationship envisaged by IRISOS is based on exchange and sharing. Our slogan communicates our vision for the future of wealth management: « Je sais, je partage » , ”I know, I share”.

IRISOS, access to financial information is a right. Knowledge is power.